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So you've made the decision to go green. Your firm is innovating products to lighten our footprint on the planet -- and your business model encompasses social equity and environmental integrity, along with shareholder returns. We laud you...but we have just three questions:

  • Are your internal organizational people practices consistent with your desire to make the world a better place?
  • Have you mastered the visionary leadership necessary to propel your company into new realms -- and to adeptly course-correct as rapidfire social and environmental change redefine marketplaces?
  • Are you maximizing the thinking and creativity of the people in your company whose hands are doing the work?

A Sustainable Way is a different kind of consulting firm. We're devoted to organizations like yours -- companies with a mission to do the right thing. We'll partner with you to create brighter futures for the planet by creating positive change starting right at home: inside your workplace. We'll help you cultivate your creative garden by building sustainable relationships, a learning-centered culture, and practices in keeping with healthy ecosystems.

Work with us to make your organization more vital, accountable, responsible...and profitable -- leading to a competitive advantage in your industry.


Skills For Sustainable Development, Training For Sustainability

Our three-part approach addresses your firm's need for relevant design, rigorous execution, and efficient integration.

While we approach each consulting assignment with no "hip-pocket" solutions, we have created select offerings, customizable to your specific situation, which address root organizational issues.

If there is a common theme in our consulting approach and customized offerings, it is that we integrate organizational learning disciplines in all of our programming, focusing on shared vision, team learning, mental models, personal mastery, and systems thinking.




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